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10 Bad Habits That We “Love” Doing (But Should Stop)


Living our life at a speedy pace nowadays had us diving into a bunch of repetitive actions and behaviours. Life went by so fast we hardly noticed that they already became habits. 

Here are ten things that we have learned to love to do after some time, but are doing us more harm than good.

1. Checking your phone during meals 
Mealtimes should be enjoyed with the people you’re with. Checking your phone, even when it’s an unconscious decision, translates to “let me ignore you all for a second because there’s something more important on my phone that I have to see.”

Try excusing yourself from the table and go out of the dining room for that very important phone call. Be present physically and mentally on the table. You’ll bond better with who you’re with and the experience will be better.

2. Chatting during movies 
2020 has been a year of watching movies at home. But do you often get that annoyed look from your siblings when you talk too much during a movie that you are watching together? Bet you have! Or even more, you have given that annoying look yourself to someone. 

Enjoy movie time with your loved ones without distracting them too much from the experience of the film.

3. Watching “reality” television 
The media that you consume will always affect your well-being, may it be positive or negative. Reality TV usually set unrealistic (oh, the irony!) expectations about other people’s lives, how they talk, look, and behave. 

You have the power to choose the shows that uplift you and contribute to your growth. Don’t waste your time on those that don’t. 

4. Eating past 8 pm 
According to Summer Saldana of PG Everyday, eating past 8 PM isn’t always that bad. The main thing that you have to be wary of is what you eat.

In simple terms, eating cake or ice cream shoots up your sugar and prohibits your body from utilising your body’s stored fats while you sleep. This will lead to unnecessary weight gain, high sugar levels, and a bloated feeling when you wake up. 

Try replacing your midnight snacks with your favourite tea instead. Not only will you have better sleep, but it also helps with your metabolism and health.

5. Not drinking enough water 
Your vital organs need more water than you think. For one, you instantly get a headache when your brain gets deprived of it’s normal levels of water. Once your brain reacts,  everything else in your body does. 

As cliche as it may sound, getting at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day is still best for people who don’t have water retention problems. 

6. Distracted driving 
In general, accidents happen in a split second. When driving, always think, is your life (and others’) worth ending for a single moment of distraction while you’re on the road?

Yes, that notification can wait. If that person needs you right now, they will call you. And when they do, pull over for a while and take the call. Drive safely!

7. Too many meals away from home 
Not only do you not know how that meal was prepared, but this also makes you spend more. Going out for dinner is not entirely bad. It’s good to change your environment often and enjoy mealtimes with friends and family in another setting. However, you’ll eventually know when “often” becomes too much. 

Make sure to have a healthy balance of eating at home and going out. You’ll not only be able to monitor what you eat, but you’ll be able to save.

8. Doing everything ourselves 
A lot of people fall into this trap, especially if they are thinking about doing something fast. Usually they end up exhausted, and committing mistakes while rushing through each task.

Have someone help you. They could be siblings, friends, or your team at work. Let them know what’s on your list of to-do’s and seek help, then work together to smash your tasks, deadlines, and goals!

9. Waiting for the “right” time to work 
You may have said this to yourself (or to others) about that project you kept holding off for a while now: “It’s not the right time” or “I’m not ready”. In reality, you actually won’t fully know how ready you are for something unless you just go for it and try. 

More often than not, the first step of anything seems big and difficult, but it’s a matter of perception and management. Break that first step down into smaller steps, then they will be more doable. The right time is always NOW. Go do it!

10. Spending too much time planning
Procrastination can disguise itself through this: too much talk, no action. This time of the year is when most of us plan for our goals and things we want to achieve. After everything has been laid down, it is critical to have action steps for each goal that you have. This makes it easier to win and truly accomplish your set goals. 

Are you excited to change these bad habits to good this new year? Which habit among the list are you making a top priority for 2021? 

We strive to make an impact in people’s lives, and we truly hope this list will help you be better and do better this year! If you found this list helpful, please share with your friends and family – We want to impact as many people as we can!


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