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80% of people fail their New Year’s Resolutions


So – New Year, New You. How many times have you heard or said that? The sad truth is that approximately 80% of people can’t stick to their resolution by the end of the year. Even worse – 25% of these people fail their New Year’s resolution by the first two weeks. They are some shocking percentages, and the point of highlighting it is so you don’t become a statistic.

People set resolutions over the festive season due to having the time to do so. They can take time off work to reflect, reset and plan for the year ahead. They are energised and excited. But then life hits – Work restarts, priorities become priorities again and that motivation disappears with the start of the working year. It’s a toxic cycle. This article will give you four key ideas that will keep you motivated all year, and make sure you smash those New Year’s resolutions. 

Stop Saying Yes 

It’s as simple as that. The more stuff you agree to – the less time you have for yourself and your goals. That 2 hours extra at work? You could’ve been at the gym. That time you bought takeaway when you had food at home? That’s $20 you could have saved. Make sure you take into account all the factors before you agree to something. It’s impossible to fill someone else’s cup when you’re running on empty. Take time for yourself – it’s okay to say no.

Have A Plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Having a goal without a plan is like setting a GPS point on a map – and having no directions to get there. It’s really damn hard. Every single goal you have – make sure you set out steps to get there. Weekly, monthly and quarterly checkpoints are a great starting point. 

Want to save up for your dream holiday? Start by finding out the cost and when you want to go (a timeline is super important) – plan how much you have to save monthly to achieve that goal, and follow up. Check how much you put away every week, and see if you are on track every quarter. Constant updates are key – and it’s nice to look at those numbers go up in the bank 😉

Reward Yourself

Several studies have shown that rewarding yourself every time you hit a little goal provides enough intrinsic motivation to continue chipping away at that big goal. You don’t have to splurge – but make sure you treat yourself. You worked hard at that goal. The trap here is rewarding yourself the wrong way.

You deserve to give yourself a treat after working hard – but be careful not to undo the hard work you’ve just done. For example, you might’ve just saved $250 out of your $1000 goal. That’s a cause for celebration – but certainly not a Gucci purse, or new Jordan’s. That’s completely against what you’ve been working for. 

Try and find other ways to reward yourself. You’ve just saved $250 – invest it or move it to another account with higher interest rates. Don’t waste it – use it as a celebration that will get you further along your track to success.

Have An Accountability Partner

This is one of the most powerful tools you can use – having someone else there to keep you on track and accountable. This combines having the responsibility to check on someone else, and keeping your promise to them – resulting in a higher extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. 

Find someone you trust, and tell them your goal. Ask them to set one for themselves – and you both work as a pair to keep each other motivated and on track. Check up on them, provide encouragement and support, expect them to do the same for you.

If one of you fails or takes a step backwards, do not react negatively. You’re partners – not competitors. Build each other up, and celebrate (the right way) when you hit the goals. If more people want to join – let them! The more the merrier. 

So there you have it – Four super useful ideas to help you stay on track this New Year. We know sticking to your resolutions can be hard – but you’re human! Everyone makes mistakes. What matters most is consistency. 80% of people can’t complete their New Year’s Resolutions – don’t be a statistic.

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Kaiya King – Author


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