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A young man’s story turning the tables of life after losing his father to depression then his sister months later the same way.


A young man’s story turning the tables of life after losing his father to depression then his sister months later the same way.

How Brock Mendyk has given life a new purpose and is inspiring others to do the same.

Brock tell us a bit about your story.

Im Brock Mendyk, 25 years old from Maitland.

I work as an operator at Bulga Coal, a mine in Singleton.

And just recently Myself and my two good mates (Jai Brook and Jye Dorsett) launched a clothing brand called AFTRMTH active. Where our aim is to inspire people and show them that during every dark situation there is always light at the end of the tunnel. As its a personal subject to us, we document our journey and provide content on social media, we are trying to create a positive movement in not only the community but the world.

In December 2017 you tragically lost your dad to depression. What impact did that have on you ?

It was surreal, It felt like a horrible dream, It was totally unexpected, no-one would have seen it coming from a mile away. You don’t truly understand what it’s like until you personally go through it I believe. The whole world turns upside down.

He was the happiest, hard working man I have ever met, always strived to provide his family with the best life he could. On the outside he was living the dream, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

It put me in a very dark place, I felt numb, confused, asking why? Trying to work it all out.

I was in a place where I felt like life itself was over, no purpose anymore, I lost my hero and landed in rock bottom.

“Then to lose your sister not long after”

Just when I thought rock bottom was the lowest point, I found a whole new level.

After going through the worst possible moments in life losing dad, we were straight back there again. Chelsey suffered a bit with anxiety through her years but nothing too serious, she had an unbelievable bond with my dad, his passing took a massive toll on her and I believe she just couldn’t handle it anymore. Could not see a way to live life without him.

So in 5 months I lost my Dad and Sister to suicide, I cant even explain the feeling / headspace I was in.

“What kept you strong”

We had a viewing of them to say one last goodbye before both funerals, and my last words to them were

“ I love you, I’m going to make you proud, and I’ll do my best to lead mum and the boys in the right direction. So I felt accountable and that kept me strong to following through with what I said.

Also seeing my mums world get torn apart, I couldn’t put anymore heartache on her by continuing the path I started going down. I had to keep strong for her and my brothers and lead by example.

“what is your mental health like now’”

As expected I definitely have my moments behind closed doors with the loss of my Dad and Sister  and some days can be very difficult, but I’ve learnt ways to overcome those days, a big part of that is surrounding myself with good positive people, and getting out and being active/ eating well. I’ve got a mindset of leaving my own positive mark and leaving nothing behind, and although there is nothing I can possibly do to bring back what myself and family have lost, I can do my best to help others not to have to go through what we did. And I believe I am doing that, I have had messages from people telling me how I have helped them get through similar circumstances to the extent of literally saving there life with seeing what I have been through to how I have turned  my life around and what I am doing now.

I keep myself busy with work and AFTRMTH which is good.

“What would you say to anyone in the same spot”

Go through the emotions but know It’s not the end for you , There is always light after every dark situation if you want there to be, Try not to focus on what you can’t change and the past, focus on making passed loved ones proud, there is always a way to move forward, even if at the time it feels like there isn’t. Surround yourself with positive energy, go for a walk to get out in the fresh air , set yourself goals, its crazy how small things like this can play such a big part in moving forward.

Try and focus on the good memories you got to make rather then the fact of whomever it is that is not longer here, And don’t bottle everything up, its ok to talk, especially males, it’s not weak to speak, especially if it saves yourself or family going through what I have.

“Anything exciting in the near future for AFTRMTH”

I believe there will be, what we have produced so far is only the beginning.

This whole business thing is new to us, but we have learnt so much and will continue to learn each day. We will continue to work to inspire and help people. I believe there are big things that will come in the future for AFTRMTH.

Brock, thank you for taking the time to share your story. 


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