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Avoiding Joint pain ?


Are you suffering from joint pain as a runner?

It might be something you would least expect!

As a runner, we take hundreds of thousands of steps every week.

On average we take 55,365 steps to run a marathon.
This sort of stuff can be torture on the joints, right?

What if I told you, that inflammation in the joints is caused in the gut?
That’s right, the bugs in your stomach could be making you weak in the knees.

Your gut is responsible for so much more then you might be aware of.

Gut problems can trigger pain.

How does this work? First, consider the fact that your gut maintains a solid barrier between your digestive tract and your internal environment, allowing important nutrients to pass through while keeping out everything else.

Maintaining the integrity of the gut is a one-cell-thick barrier that forms a tight junction, which keeps out foreign invaders like bacteria, toxins, and large undigested food particles.

When these tight junctions break down that barrier becomes inflamed and porous; bacteria, toxins, and undigested food particles start slipping through. We call these foreign invaders antigens or foreign substances that trigger an immune response.

A double whammy ensues: You’re not getting optimal nutrients while foreign invaders barge through, a condition called intestinal permeability or leaky gut.

This connection has everything to do with inflammation.

Your immune system responds with antibodies, which attack and destroy these antigens. When an antibody binds with an antigen, an immune complex occurs. Persistent leaky gut ramps up these immune complexes; they circulate in your body and deposit into various tissues and organs including—you guessed it—skeletal muscles and joints, creating more inflammation.

Leaky gut also contributes to autoimmune diseases or immune responses against specific tissues that create damage and loss of function. When that happens in your joints, inflammation creates pain, swelling, and stiffness. While multifactorial, researchers link leaky gut with rheumatoid arthritis as bacterial products slip through your gut lining and deposit in your joints, creating an immune reaction.

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