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End of an era. Influencers are out and informers are in.


To inform or influence?

The word influencer is thrown around a lot these days.
Why ?
What is it we are being influenced by.

Could this be the end of “ the influencer “?

I say YES. Out with the influencers and in with the informers.
This is a chance for people to start focusing on where their attention is going.

While some people are mocking it for caring too much about it, others are freaking the fuck out.

And both are right.

Instagram was created as a visual platform that has enabled people to post whatever whenever. 

This gave attention ( the current currency of the world ) to the loudest craziest most out there people across the planet.

Now, people are pissed that outcast and misfits of the world are now loaded.

Let’s make something clear. 


We are drawn to drama, fights and freaks, ultimate beauty or extreme opposites, anything wild enough to get a mental buzz or share it with a friend for a laugh. 

This all might not seem like a big deal but subconsciously everything you look at and listen to plays a role in the person you currently are and the person you will become.

The mental diet is something that is often overlooked. What information is it that you are taking in daily. Why are we worried about our calories but not our thoughts. 

For most of us we are still impressionable young adults. And if you don’t pay attention to where your thoughts are going, subconsciously, if you aren’t careful, they will take you somewhere you don’t want to be.

Im not saying don’t get your daily LOL’s and HAHA’s.

Im saying dont turn to Kim K and Kanye for some life lessons.

You are the 5 people you hang around with the most. 

Well the number 1 friend for almost every single person is now your mobile phone.

On average we spend 4 hours a day staring at it.

Whatever it is filled with is shaping your life, whether you like it or not.

Here’s an exercise; open your Instagram page and start scrolling down your feed, how long does it take you to find something that betters you ?

I mean genuinely helps a situation in your life. 

It can be a little overwhelming.

I’ve found 4  informers ( not influencers)  that have helped me and you should consider following to help change your outlook on life.

Disclaimer **

I realise these are what I find helpful and you may in no way give a single fuck about them.

In that case. Meh !

Jordan peterson. @jordan.b.peterson

One of the great thinkers of our generation.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist and the author of the multi-million copy bestseller 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,

With his colleagues, Dr. Daniel M. Higgins and Dr. Robert O. Pihl, Dr. Peterson has also produced two online programs to help people understand themselves better and to improve their psychological and practical functioning.

His youtube boasts a staggering 2.1m subscribers that tune in to watch his lectures and debates or if you’re more the audio type his podcast the jordan peterson podcast is available on itunes.

Katie williamson @katiewilly

Katie williamson is an ex sprinter. At one stage the fastest in the world.

She has a bachelor of sports and exercise and keep busy between her lively instagram posts on her podcast “Better for it “

JAMES SMITH @jamessmithpt

He has devoted himself to calling out the BS on instagram. 

He makes no claims but a deep deep understanding of the term 


ROSS EDGLEY @ rossedgley– Questionably the best performing athlete in the world.

His records include: 

  • Ran a marathon pulling a 1.4 tonne car (the media dubbed, “The World’s Strongest Marathon”)[5]
  • Climbed a rope the height of Everest (8,848m) (the media dubbed, “The World’s Longest Rope Climb”)  
  • Ran 1,000 miles barefoot in a month carrying a 50kg backpack
  • Completed an Olympic Distance Triathlon carrying a 100lbs tree  
  • Swam over 100km across the Caribbean Sea pulling a 100lbs tree[6]
  • Swam non-stop for 48 hours at the Commando Training Centre for the Royal Marines
  • Swam 2,000 miles around Great Britain in 157 days

Now considered a leading expert in mental fortitude, physical resilience and work capacity, Ross published the Sunday Times Bestselling “The World’s Fittest Book” in 2018 and began “The World’s Fittest Tour” in 2019 to teach people “The human body is far more powerful than our own minds often lead us to believe.”


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