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Mental Load.


“Eating well is such a vital part of living a healthy and energetic life”

The team at Daley meals have been creating healthy alternatives to hit and runs on fast food restaurants since 2016.

Daley meals came about after Gemma Daley, both a degree qualified nutritionist and a personal trainer realised her clients didn’t have the time to cook a nutrient dense meals every night.

After she started to cook for them they were getting better results and since she has grown to service people after simple delicious results.

There are 925 280 #fitdad posts on Instagram and a staggering 1,205.662 #fitmums. That’s a lot of parents focusing on staying lean and healthy.

It’s one thing to eat well when it’s just cooking for yourself or your partner. It’s a whole different ballgame when you add in a baby or a pint-sized dictator (aka a child).

You may have seen articles swirling around social media recently about the mental load. If you haven’t heard of the concept of the mental load, it’s all the different jobs, tasks and bits of life admin you have floating around in your head.

The idea of the mental load is most often discussed in relation to women (mostly mums). While it’s (unfortunately) still true that women do most of the household chores, both men and women have far more on their (mental) plates today than ever before.

And when your mental load is heavy, health and fitness can drop to the bottom of the priority list. It can be blo*dy hard when you’re trying to balance your own health and fitness with the needs of your offspring.

We get it. Respite is at hand!

More and more kids meals are popping up on supermarket shelves but let’s be honest – anything that claims to stay fresh for seven days can’t be that fresh to begin with.

Here at Daley Fuel, we didn’t set out to make kids meals. Inspiration came from our time savvy customers, who noticed their kids would often steal food from their meals, then want their own. The meatloaf, flame grilled chicken, and the shepherd’s pie are particularly popular options.

One Daley Fuel meal is often enough to two toddler dinners. The meals are healthy, fresh, low salt and packed with a great balance of carbs, protein, and fats. So, you can feel good about what meals you’re eating yourself and giving to your kids.

There’s no need to feel guilty about taking up options to lighten your (mental and physical) load. Mums and Dads, you work hard enough and spending time with your family – that’s whats most important.


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