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Run for good health, not from it.


The hardest thing for people to face as they approach their fitness journey is the pain that often comes with starting.

Joint inflammation has stopped thousands of people in their tracks.

Whether you are a once-a-day person or once a week person when it comes to exercising, although beneficial, it can take its toll on your joints too.

A joint is where two bones meet, capped by smooth cartilage; for example, at the knee or the elbow. Joints are either directly connected by connective tissue or cartilage or, more commonly, with a cushion of lubricating fluid. Joints give us the mobility to walk, sit and carry out our daily activities.

When these joints are inflamed, the pain and stiffness can make these movements more difficult – or even lead to osteoarthritis in the long term.

It has long been thought that the chronic inflammation that causes joint pain was due to simple wear and tear – but that thought is changing. Instead, it may be that chronic inflammation is causing the destruction of the joints and not the other way around.

The gut microbiome, when in balance, helps moderate chronic inflammation in the body by working synergistically with the immune system.

So, what’s the cause?

When undigested proteins make their way into the lower abdomen, they create an acidic environment which is ideal for the growth of microorganisms. The presence of fungal and bacterial growth in the lower abdomen can lead to a range of digestive problems including, reflux, indigestion, bloating and yep you guessed it, inflammation.

Supplements like Green Papaya powder pineapple and turmeric are revered for their healing properties of the gut is because of papain and bromelain enzymes. These are known as protein eaters because of the way they break down foods in the stomach properly ensuring less inflammation.

This just another reason that Our gut health is our whole health.

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