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The power of gratitude.


What if i told you that in just a few minutes you could find out what your mind really wants.

All you have to do is wait.

Casey Warwick is a Nuero linguistics practitioner and a hypnotherapist.
This is her look on Gratitude, it’s something you don’t want to miss.

Casey : If you were to ask your mind what it really wanted you to know right now, would you take the time to actually wait for the answer to come,  or would you make some ‘logical’ response up like “Don’t do that, I should be better” or “Don’t let things bother me”.

 My guess is you went for the latter response. 

I have a secret for you. 

Whilst the world is telling you of all the things not to do. Your unconscious mind is now drafting direct pathways to make the things we should avoid our new reality. 

See here is the thing.

Our unconscious mind does not process negations, negatives or anything you tell it not too for that matter. If I told you not to think of a blue tree, you initially would have to think of a blue tree in order not to.

Am I right? 

Now let’s flip this script and take a look at your life.

 If we want to talk about the law of attraction, we need to take into account what we are thinking about regularly.

At any given time, our eyes eyes are seeing 11 million pieces of information floating around and our lucky brain can only absorb 128bits of that, we then group it into 4-7 lots of information (this is why your recollection of events are different to your friends).

 So, what then happens is our Reticular Activation System (we shall now call your RAS) will only look for the things already familiar in your mind that you can relate to.

 Ever noticed how if you buy a new car, suddenly that same car is everywhere? It is no coincidence; your unconscious mind is just recognising it more. 

Just like when you learn something new and suddenly everyone is talking about it. 

What you don’t know is, they were before, you just hadn’t known about it or given it a thought as it was not present in your RAS so you chose to skim over it with your peripheral vision. 

So, the point I am making today is this, what we feed our mind matters. 

What we listen too, view, surround ourselves with, all of it matters. 

 If you are constantly telling yourself you are unworthy and no one loves you, that is the reality you will create. 

If you wish to bring about a different future, you need to start with your internal language and representations you are creating in your mind. 

Avoiding the words of “I can’t, I don’t and I won’t” will allow your soul to open to experience and attract what it is you are wanting in your life. 

If you are constantly telling yourself you do not have money, your cellular structure will absorb that energy and you will stay as the vibrational match to stay broke. 

So, shift it! 

Look at the other areas of your life, the ones you already have abundance in and acknowledge them.

See the trick is here, if your soul knows you’re lying to it, it will still push away any further change. 

Become truly grateful for what you have, acknowledge the little things, dismiss the words “I can’t, I don’t and I won’t” and watch your world change. 

For a grateful heart, will be a magnet for miracles. You just have to be open to receiving them. 

See more great pieces from Casey on her socials.


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